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  1. Thank you for this post…. I’m making the same thing with multiple blogs and your tutorial helpt me a lot.


  2. I tied the same thing for my site http://www.kochidaily.com. I have two wp installations one on the main site and another in a folder called jobs. I have inserted the following in the wp-config.php in the http://www.kochidaily.com/jobs

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘.kochidaily.com’);
    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’);
    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_TABLE’, ‘cd_users’);
    define(‘CUSTOM_USER_META_TABLE’, ‘cd_usermeta’);

    and the following in the capabilities file under includes in the jobs wp

    function _init_caps() {
    global $wpdb;
    // $this->cap_key = $wpdb->prefix . ‘capabilities’;
    $this->cap_key = ‘cd_capabilities’;
    $this->caps = &$this->{$this->cap_key};
    if ( ! is_array( $this->caps ) )
    $this->caps = array();

    I am able to login using the main sites logins to both wordpress installs but unable to share the cookies between the domains. Ie I have to login and logout separately to each install. Loging in into the main site does not log me into the job site. I have to relogin meaning the cookie is not shared.

  3. […] of the posts I researched were helpful put could only partially solve the problem. The first post Setting up a common login across multiple wordpress installations claimed to solve the issue only helped me in allowing the different sections to use the same login […]

  4. I had to do something similar, this was my solution:

    For WP 2.8.1 and WPMU 2.8.1


  5. […] går bara att göra på WordPress installationerna. Mer information om hur man gör detta hittar du här och […]

  6. After upgrade to newer version for eg wordpress 2.8 to 2.9 , Will this hack work?

  7. Loging in into the main site does not log me into the other wordpress installation site. I have to relogin meaning the cookie is not shared.

  8. hi,

    i wrote a similar blog post on my experiences getting unified login to work across multiple WordPress installs.

    i sited this post as additional resources / further reading..


  9. i was looking for one of such guide, recently i am planning for another blog and i want to link them. Hopefully, this will help me in doing so.

  10. This seems like a lot of hacking… good tutorial. but why not wrap it into a plugin then add the plugin to both installs. with the URL of the added URL?

  11. […] Setting up a common login across multiple wordpress installations […]

  12. And if you have the tables in differents databases ?

  13. This is not working in wordpress 3.0

  14. Have you had any luck with wordpress 3.0.1??

  15. Getting the “you do not have sufficient privileges” error on WP 3 after going through these steps. Any suggestions?

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