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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips/experiences with this!

  2. I like a lot VMWARE, mainly into WINXP and KURUMIN.
    Now in DEBIAN4 I would like to transpose vmware Appliances to virtual BOX. I would like to know if it is possible and safe. vmware with winXP works very well.

  3. Bingo! Set up an XP virtualbox on Kubuntu Hardy but wasn’t able to figure out how to connect to the internet (192.168.x.x does NOT work with NAT indeed). Now I learned so many thanks for sharing this information!

  4. Great article, was just what i needed to read!

  5. VMware beats VirtualBox on all counts so I can’t really imagine why anyone would like to migrate in that direction.

    Anyways, doesn’t VirtualBox provide DHCP services for virtual machines?

  6. Hi,…….i would like to know if its possible to get the same bandwidth speed…….in vm’s ?
    To be more specific if i put 2 seperate downloads in 2 virtual machines…….would it download @ same speed ??
    is it even possible…….??
    Like i’m running ubuntu 9.10 in 1 vm /
    fedora core 11 in another…
    mandriva 5 in another………

    my host OS is Windows 7 x86
    Total RAM 8 GB DDR3 Corsair
    core 2 quad 2.96 ghz……
    intel VT is present in my board which is Intel DX58SO

    • If the VMs are running in separate guest OS’s with the same internet speed, i think it should be possible

      • Thank You for ur suggestion………..well to say
        all my VMs are running in seperate OS’s with their respective HDD space.

        When i make a team from these 4 VMs…………& set up a LAN the configuration comes to choose a network adapter…..

        1> Should i make a new LAN or choose my deault
        onboard NIC to get the same bandwidth speed across all my VMs ?

        2> Will i have to manually set up IP addresses & Mach addresses to individual VMs ?

        I’ve already configured under network editor that my onboard NIC [ Realtek ] as Bridged.

        What i don’t get is …. how can i come up with a concept of a virtual switch ? If a virtual switch can be configured under workstation then my prob will be solved ,……… as it will behave exactly like a physical switch in real world.

        Thus enabling us to virtually access the same bandwith & not a shared connection between all the VMs.

  7. What is now state in VMware vs. VirtualBox?

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