Virtualbox shared folder mounting issue: Missing module on opensuse 10.3

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10 Responses

  1. Hi
    I had the same mount issue with Virtualbox
    Host OS OpenSUSE 11.0
    Guest OS OpenSUSE 11.0
    Virtualbox version 1.6.4 OSE

    Your modprobe vboxvfs worked !!

  2. Vista Biz Host
    Ubuntu 8.04.1 Guest
    VirtualBox 2.0

    I didn’t think about loading a kernel module. You’ve saved me time. Thanks.

  3. Thanks a lot Gaurav Varma. Great help.

  4. Thanks that helped me a lot.

  5. Was missing the modules, so I ran the VBoxLinuxAdditions-*.run file another 2 times and then it worked great,

    thanks, cheers!

  6. Thanks man ..
    That put me out of my misery!! .. :))

  7. I too had the same problem on VirtualBox with Ubuntu 9.04. Thanks alot, solution worked 😉

  8. Thank you very much….
    This is what I call a very helpfull and detailed explanation. Very usefull for a linux-beginner

  9. Only one comment – it’s not the operating system (eg SuSE vs Ubuntu) that’s important here – it’s the Linux kernel version. It would be nice if you mentioned the kernel version, above.

  10. I had a similar problem after my vbox did an update – I had to reinstall vboxadditions using the auto install. After that, it worked fine again

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