An assessment of CiviCRM for non-profits

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4 Responses

  1. Gaurav:

    thanx for the review. As a CiviCRM developer, i thought it was quite fair and balaced. I think comparing it to SugarCRM is comparing apples to oranges. I suspect a better comparison will be to the Salesforce non profit addition. While commercial CRM’s focus on account management / leads, our focus is more on the “contact” and his interaction with the organization (via donations, events, activities etc)

    I think we are evolving at quite a rapid rate and the community is growing and becoming stronger. A list of recent reviews can be found on our wiki at:


  2. we use civicrm at our nonprofit and its a very advanced tool. we have never found a required feature to be missing in civicrm.


    • Civicrm from a developer’s point of view: Although I can appreciate all the planning and hard work that has gone into civicrm it has what I consider a fundamental weekness which has already started to haunt it. It depending on many external open source packages and as these packages continue to grow or even become abandoned, civcrm will be forced to find alternatives or spend many man hours trying to adapt. When problems occur with these packages we are forced to contact the maintainer to report issues. The api’s have certainly come a long way but I still found myself modifying and tweaking them. With frequent releases it has also made it difficult to maintain core override code and this is where civicrm can be most useful. Perhaps more work should be put in to creating UI and core function hooks. Besides that I believe civicrm has achieved something beyond expectation. Having worked with civcrim since 1.8 I’ve finally grown tired of chasing this monster. As a developer I would say that you are in for a long hard battle. As an end user you are very fortunate to have a wonderful piece of software such as civicrm.

  3. Using my Win XP laptop, I’m evaluating it for use on Joomla and was quite disappointed to find that it failed to install for that configuration. We will be using Linux but I don’t have access to that site.

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